ph360 – Your Personal Health Mission

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“If we can shift the world’s focus to prevention and sustainability we will be successful in eliminating pain, disease and illness in the coming generations.” Matt Riemann 2008

What is Personal Health?

Personalized health is ultimately about knowing yourself, being mindful of what makes you feel great and what doesn’t, and discovering the choices that will help you thrive”

The Personal Health Movement

Personalized health is unique and specific to YOU. It considers your genotype, your phenotype, your neurotype, and even more specifically your environment and lifestyle factors at each and every precise moment.

The Personal Health Solution

If we can leverage epigenetics, we can control the way our genetics express. This means you now have the CHOICE to take control of your life and reshape your future.

What is ph360?

Find out what ph360 is and how it works! The world’s first online Health app to use scientific measurements from your body, health, lifestyle and ancestry to create a personalized User Manual for your body! No more confusion or overwhelm – ph360 shows you how to take care of your body as nature intended!

Sound simple?

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