The Laptop Lifestyle & 16 ways HOW you can join them.

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How do I live a laptop lifestyle and work from anywhere, anytime?

What do they know that I don’t? People are travelling the world, posting on social media, living a life I wish I could. What if I could too?  You can.

From interviewing many people in social enterprise and the entrepreneurial world. Here are 16 lessons that they have learnt along the way.

1) What if money was no object?

do what makes you happy

>> WATCH VIDEO 1 (4 mins)

 Alan watts – What if time and money were no object?


2) Understand WHY you do what you do?

golden circle

>> WATCH VIDEO 2 (6 mins)

Simon Sinek – Start with Why?


3) Understand how money works.


>> WATCH VIDEO 3 (8 mins)

Robert Kiyosaki – Cash Flow Quadrant


4) Build your dream, or build someone elses


d your dream


5) What is the business of the 21st century?

network is networth

>> WATCH VIDEO 4 (4 mins)

Tony Robbins – Word of Mouth Marketing


6) FOCUS on Helping People

change focus

>> Find a community


7) Can you THINK differently?

think you can or cant


9) Can you Detach from…

give up


10) Can you get a “rubber bum” – Fall and bounce back allowing yourself to FAIL your way forwards?

Permission to fail and learn


11) Can you stay authentic and attract the right people?

will msith


12) Can you model success?

warren buffett


13) Did you know your network = networth

network marketing 1


14) Start Low Risk, Leverage

NW marketing jim rohn

bill gates

donald trump


15) WORK hard, WORK Smart and Leverage.



16) Can you be a Go-Giver?

go giver


Bob Burg – How to be a Go-Giver

How will you find work and lifestyle integration?

COMMENT BELOW how you do it?


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