Interview with Sarah Taylor

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Sarah became triple World Figure & Physique Champion at age 45. No-one was more surprised than she was. Sarah’s life changed dramatically at 40, when newly single, classified as obese, feeling lost, directionless and a bit of a failure, she turned to diet and fitness as a lifeline. Following a 25kg weight loss and successful mountain climb, she then battled through depression, a breast cancer scare, double shoulder surgery and even under threat of double hip surgery she refused to give up, always persevering, until in an astonishing 3 week period in US and Canada she won 10 World Figure and Physique Championship categories and gained professional status in 6 categories across 3 different organisations. It was a remarkable feat that has not been achieved before. She has subsequently won 2 Professional Miss Universe titles.

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[01:48] – Sarah lived an ‘ordinary life’ socialising with friends and family. Sarah had always been active and always done some kind of physical activity. This soon changed when Sarah’s relationship ended with her partner

[02:49] – Sarah at the age of 40 decided she wanted to climb Mount Aconcagua in Argentina . She joined a gym and started an assessment, which had categorised her as obese. This flipped Sarah’s whole identity around as she believed and new herself to live an active and healthy lifestyle

[04:00] – After much internalisation Sarah made the decision to make her health her number one priority

[05:10] – Sarah started to pay attention to what she was eating and how it made her feel. She still maintained her social lifestyle but just tweaked what she was eating

[06:10] – After losing 25kg Sarah was able to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

[06:21] – Sarah explains that at no point did she go on a diet. She felt her way through awareness and was really mindful about what she put in her body

[08:12] – Sarah had come to a realisation that if she wanted a different outcome she would have to do something differently

[08:30] – After climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, life tipped upside down as Sarah was diagnosed with clinical depression

[09:31] – The only thing working in her life was her health and fitness, this then became her lifeline and Sarah started neglecting the other parts of her life.

[10:00] – Sarah had gifted herself a photoshoot at the age of 42 to commend herself for not giving up. The photographer asked Sarah if she was a bodybuilder and suggested she go along to one of the events

[10:29] – After returning from the event Sarah told her PT that they have 10 weeks to prepare for state titles and that’s where she started her bodybuilding career

[11:25]-  Sarah had just regained her identity with bodybuilding but was told by doctors she needed to have reconstructive surgery on her shoulders if she wanted to play sports again.

[12:39] – At one stage it looked like Sarah was going to need double hip surgery. In the middle of 2012 Sarah couldn’t walk. This was a pivotal point as Sarah can remember her trainer saying that they would get her to world champion.

[13:45] – That level of belief from her trainer was what she needed to get her going again. She completed her rehab for the year and kept building towards her goals. In 2014 Sarah went to the United States and Canada where she won 10 world titles and became a professional in 6 divisions within 3 different federations which has never been done before!

[15:00] – Sarah breaks down the key moments to get her where she is

[17:00] – Sarah focuses on her micro nutrition rather than macro (which is what most bodybuilders focus on). Sarah was able to hold her competition body for a whole year by doing this – which is unheard of.

[19:34] – Sarah admits that she does have occasional binges however she chooses not to judge herself. She acknowledges it, owns it and then gets back on track.

[24:15] –  Sarah explains that diets fail because they’re depriving you of something and as humans we naturally want to rebel.

[26:25] – Sarah gives herself flexibility in her diet through structure.

[28:15] – Ultimately Sarah’s goal is to end the world obesity crisis. Sarah explains how the media and current trends negatively contribute to this.

[29:20] – A tip for someone just beginning on their own health journey would be number one to notice how food makes you feel and adjust accordingly.

[33:00] – Alleviate your stress and you will be in a much better space to feel what it is your body is telling you.

Parting words from Sarah Taylor

“It’s never too late.Your health is your responsibility, own it.”

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