Interview with Paul Dunn: The Value of Giving

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Paul’s aim in life has always been to make a difference. He believes that we’re all happier when we give; that giving is actually embedded in our DNA.

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[01:17] – Paul currently lives in Singapore with his partner and two children. He is the  chairman for B1G1 and is a four times TedX speaker on the key topic of the power of small and is a global entrepreneur and mentor.

[02:37] – Paul describes his story firstly of being extremely grateful for the luck of life for the opportunities that were presented to him.

[06:09] – Paul had his first brush with ‘why are we really here.’ Up until then if someone would ask what business is all about, Paul’s answer would be; having fun and adding enormous value to the people you’re serving/servicing.

[09:57] –  Paul was mentoring a woman (who is now his wife). She wanted to create a world full of giving. The idea behind it being, what would the world look like if every time there was a business transaction something great would happen in return. This was the basis for B1G1 which took 3 years to get up and running, but since it’s been launched over 93 million giving impacts have taken place.

[11:28] – It’s always about small ideas but when you focus on them they can create big impacts says Paul.

[13:38] – Paul explains that the real heroes isn’t B1G1 itself but the business’ choosing to participate in the giving process.

[16:30] – I’ve been looking for something like this all my life! Is something Paul commonly hears when people stumble across B1G1 for the first time.

[22:00] – Paul explains his passion and his drive is; to give business owners a real understanding that they have the power to impact lives beyond their own by making a difference through their own business’.

[26:00] – Paul explains their new app revolved around giving

[32:09] – The two tools Paul suggests

[33:10] he gave to his grandchildren

[35:00] – Paul explains that through every difficult interaction there is a gift that can be taken

Parting words from Paul Dunn

‘For them, for them, for them’

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