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Empty Cup

Empty Cup


To understand the mindset I was in. WATCH THIS first.

Alan Watts: The video that made me think different

One day my cup was empty. I’m not sure if you can relate to this, but as a twenty-five-year-old health professional with his dream job, I felt unhappy and disconnected. I had followed the path to success that others had taught me.

I realized that everything I had become was a result of my own choices. Whether they were conditioned, guided, or manipulated is irrelevant. I had chosen my path to wellness and was not where I needed to be.

My highest value was to help people, but I couldn’t even help myself. I was an oxymoron, a health professional without his health. I knew there must be a better way.

I looked back to my youth for some clues as to how I ended up here. Unhappy. Disconnected. I was born in a developed country full of opportunity. I was lucky. My single mother taught me to have a hard work ethic; my father taught me compassion and empathy through his struggles with homelessness and alcoholism. Had these influences played a role? Perhaps my work ethic pushed me too far, or perhaps my empathy and compassion for others caused me to give, at the expense of my own health.

My experience through youth shaped my map of reality. I was lucky enough to have traveled and seen the world. The blank canvas of my young mind could not stretch back to its original dimensions. It was ready to paint life’s masterpiece. Was everything meant to be colorful, or was darkness and grey part of the masterpiece too?

Looking back, I felt like I had been conditioned to get educated, school, university, another degree, find a job, build someone else’s dream, work my way to the top, pay off my debts, and build a family.

I was halfway along that journey when things started to change. One day, I woke up. I stepped out of the rat race to retirement and saw a whole new world.

After so many years of becoming stuck, unhappy, and disconnected, I stopped and stepped back.

I was at a point where I was tired of being sick; I was sick of being tired.

I began to wonder. “What am I here to do?”.

Did anyone else feel this way, or was it just me?

My driver for change started with a desperate need to feel better and normal again. I just wish I had been inspired to change my path earlier.

To find a solution to how I felt, I reached out to my networks of specialists, health professionals, and healers from all walks of life. I spent thousands of dollars trying to find a way to feel good again, but there was no change. I felt robbed and let down by the health and wellness profession. I wondered whether anyone else was paying for a service and following a plan with no result or lasting change.

It made me realize that if a “health professional” with a double degree, networks, connections, and all the available resources could not find a solution, then how could anyone else? I became concerned for the people I cared about most.

Where was I even meant to start on this path to wellness?

Was it my mindset, my nutrition, or my physical body? Was it perhaps my misalignment, or lack of spiritual purpose? Or maybe it was my work / lifestyle, or the people I surrounded myself with.

Perhaps it was all of the above.

What role had my birthright or genetic blueprint that my parents had given me played? Was I a victim of circumstance or could I change this feeling?

I just wanted to feel better again.

Everyone I spoke to had an answer from their own perspective, learning’s and teachings, but rarely would anyone consider the opinions of others. All opinions seemed valid, rational, and logical, but who was right, and who could connect the dots?

To me it seemed like a minefield of misinformation where I was kept in a state of dis-ease.  It was a vicious cycle and I didn’t feel any different.

I realized everyone had only one piece of the puzzle to my problem. Some had small pieces; others had bigger ones. While others were playing a completely different puzzle altogether. I started understanding that to see the complete picture, as weird as it may seem, I had to look up.

To understand how I could change things, I needed to feel humbled by what I did not know. It gave me perspective. How could people speak in absolutes in any area of science, when the Hubble telescope taught me that every star I saw is a universe or galaxy just like ours. Science seemed to be our best guess, but it was just a rationalization of what we consciously thought we knew as a collective group.

So what had changed? The same day seventy years ago for our grandparents was drastically different to today. We have changed the landscape of our environment significantly. We have seen an evolution of our conscious mind, granting us the thought processes to manipulate our environment, creating an industrial and technological revolution. As a species, we have seen a global population boom at the expense of our environment.

Perhaps the answer is self-evident.

We just need to adapt to our new environment or make it more conducive to our survival. If through our choices we can make it unsustainable for life, then surely we work towards doing the opposite.

If we cannot change our environment, then we need to focus on ourselves. Find a way to fill our own cup daily.

Within our own cup, there are parts that we can and cannot control.

We can consciously control our mind, thoughts, food intake, movement, and our passion for work and life. We can control our beliefs, spirituality and sense of purpose. And even partially control our immediate environment and the people we surround ourselves with.

Some things we cannot control and seem predetermined. At birth, we cannot consciously control the environment or country we were born into. We cannot control our genetic blueprint or the framework our parents gave us.

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