Key Tips To Sustain A Healthy Weight For Life

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“Diets don’t really work & can be destructive, but if you get healthy overall (mind, body, spirit) then your weight balances naturally.” Jay Woodman, Doctor


healthy weight
Researchers have found that nearly 2 billion people worldwide are now classed as overweight or obese. An increasing reliance on processed and junk food, plus the fact that we lead increasingly sedentary lives are the two main reasons behind this worrying statistic.

The Psychology Behind Over-Consumption


A recent psychological study showed that we all seem to “know” what food is good for us and what food is not. However, men and women still over-consume. For women, 80% of over-consumption was associated with emotion and boredom. For men, 80% was associated with stress (often finances) and boredom.

healthy weight

So managing lifestyle factors that impact your stress (often financial), emotion and boredom are key factors to losing weight and keeping it off.

Have you ever thought of seeing a financial advisor to lose weight? Or working on your emotional intelligence to lose weight? What about taking action and doing something new and fun? A knowing action can eliminate the negative emotion of boredom.

Factors That Determine Our Weight


There are several key factors that determine our weight:


Environment Is Stronger Than Willpower


The five people you spend the most time with subconsciously have the greatest influence on your habits. This is before you even choose to eat food or exercise. Consider, why do you eat the foods you do? What are your favourite meals? Who do you eat them with?

Also, have you ever hung around with those “healthy people”? And all of a sudden you find yourself doing yoga, drinking juice and green smoothies? Or meditating and acting a little bit differently? Or what about spending time with those friends that love to party? You end up drinking, eating takeaway food and staying up late?


Geography Can Have a Big Impact


Where you live also has a big impact on how active and healthy you are. People who live in the wide-open spaces of the countryside are more active than people who live in cities which are overcrowded and busy.


Food Choices Are All-Important


Outside of your mind and its daily choices, the social and physical environments you find yourself in can impact your food choices. Food is the biggest piece of the puzzle. However, there is a lot of misinformation regarding diets, fads, products, expert and layman opinions. So, with this noise, where do we start?

Knowing how subcutaneous and visceral fat is created is the key. From the age of six, our liver has created all the fat cells you need to survive.

healthy weightThere are two reasons for when it produces more:

Excess simple carbohydrates, “sugars” get stored as “subcutaneous fat.” This is a primal strategy that the body has developed over thousands of years to store energy for later use. Like a bear hibernating, people today are over-consuming for a winter that never comes. They never allow for a period of fasting to meet the body halfway.

Visceral fat – this is the fat that is directly linked to chronic, preventable disease.

It is believed our body creates this type of fat to protect our organs from the body. But why would our organs need to be protected from our own body, that’s crazy right? This is to do with something called Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. These harmful chemicals pass into the bloodstream.

In response, our body ramps up the liver to create more fat cells since most of the harmful chemicals are fat soluble. This is the body’s only defense whilst it figures out a way to remove these harmful items.

How Does Food Help Our Body to Regenerate?


Our bodies have 60 trillion cells that replicate, divide & renew every 7 years, except for brain cells & certain nerve cells. When we feed the body the necessary nutritional building blocks, the miracle of the body will work. Of the 90 nutrients we need, 60 are minerals. The rest are essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, and vitamins.

Sustain A Healthy Weight For Life

The big building blocks (macronutrients) are proteins, fats, carbohydrates. The smaller building blocks and spark plugs are vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.

About 65-75% of our weight is water, which is our most important nutrient. Drink 1 L per 22 kg of body weight as a general rule. Take away water and the last 25-35% of what our body is made of becomes quite interesting and gives us some great clues. Approximately 50% of this dry weight is made of amino-acid chains. That leaves 12.5-17.5% for the other fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals.

Sixty of the key building blocks out of the ninety we mentioned above are vitamins! Although they don’t take up much space “physically,” these spark plugs are arguably the most important pieces.

For example, let’s look at a car. You can have the best car in the world. It looks beautiful and powerful, but if the spark plugs don’t spark to start the engine, then nothing happens.

Food is a key component of helping your body to rejuvenate itself. Most organs have completely rejuvenated in 5 years. Your blood goes through a full cycle of regeneration every 30-40 days.

Key tips to Eating Healthy

How to Maintain A Healthy Weight




Help the body detoxify. Make a conscious decision to remove lots of salt and sugar from your diet. It’s one of the best things that you can do to maintain a healthy weight.


Intermittent Fasting


Nutritionally supported intermittent fasting is a great strategy to help the body do what it does naturally. This does not mean that to have to starve yourself. Rather, resist the urge to snack on unhealthy foods between main meals.


Avoid Excessive Sitting


There are 168 hours in the week and most people spend 80% of it sitting or lying down. This is directly correlated with the technological revolution. Many of us work in jobs where we have to sit at a job facing a computer screen for much of the day. If this is the case, then remember to take regular breaks away from your desk. It is still not common for offices to install desks where people can stand as they type. Even though this option has been around for a while.




A lack of exercise is the key reason why people struggle to maintain a healthy weight. The type of exercise you take is important because not everything will be suitable for achieving this. Low-impact exercises like yoga are good for relaxation. However, it will not be effective if you are looking to lose weight.

healthy weight

High-impact strength training, CrossFit, or running may not be the answer either. You might push yourself too hard and get injured.

Habits take around 60 days to form. Don’t expect to get used to an exercise regime before then.


Impact Scale of Exercise


Creating a habit of exercise and healthy habits requires not getting injured. Knowing the impact scale of exercise is key: Pace yourself into low-impact forms of exercise. Swimming and bike riding are perfect options.




As well as making exercise fun, it helps to have an exercise buddy to keep you accountable. You can motivate each other and congratulate each other on every health milestone that you reach.


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