Joel Brown – 7 daily rituals for an abundant mind

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 I started by asking Joel, “what would you say are your top three morning rituals that get you into your highest vibe each day?”

Joel shared that “I could share my, my habits and that’s all well, and good. I think what’s really important is as you hear this, maybe some of my habits will inspire, but what’s more important is you have to identify what your needs are. Right? 

 We have the six human needs, which Tony Robbins goes into with much depth. And I’ve tried to look for other frameworks and other angles. It’s a legitimate, great framework that I think a lot of people should follow,


 My big need that I often find that I’m trying to get met within. Is the way that I show up in life. It’s growth. if I go for too long, without any growth or progress, I start to feel pretty unhappy and unfulfilled.

2. LOVE AND CONNECTION (#connection)

Love and connection is important. Having good people around me is so important. Proximity is key.

 3. CONTRIBUTION (#giving)

Contribution is really important, knowing what I’m creating and teaching is bringing value to the world. There is already enough noise. We need to find ways to share and give more value to peoples lives.

I make sure that every day I start my day with at least one of each things

 4. CREATION (#mind)

Most of my alignment comes from being in action with my creativity. I make sure that I’m creating something each and every day. I know creativity is one of my needs and my needs triangle. 

 I love seeing my potential, whether it’s shooting video, content, writing content, creating courses, you know, just whatever it may be, copywriting, some things and putting stuff out there. I just love that.  It makes me feel alive when I do those things, teaching, traveling, doing workshops, whatever it may be, is a bonus.

 5. SELF LOVE(#connection)

I know it’s a soppy concept to some. But it’s really important for me. It took me a while to realize that. If I don’t have self love as a way to  make sure that I have guidance each day. I’m lost without a sense of self love when seeking to fill my own cup. When i’m lost, I start to betray myself and go back into old patterns. Doing things for  the approval of others.

 6. FAITH (#spirit)

When I get up in the morning,I don’t check my social media, I  focus on creativity. I take time to just be, to just meditate, being in my space, to be in prayer. My relationship with God is super important to me. I won’t go without it. 


Whole foods! I drink lots of water. I’ve been pretty vigilant about getting onto my greens.I eat mostly plants. How you get whole foods, whole food supplements. That’s completely up to you guys. But something for the mind, something for the spirit,, something for creativity and then something to fuel my body.

Whole food supplements to complement. I make sure I have my vitamins and minerals, using those Isagenix smoothies; amino acids, good enzymes and probiotics, all important stuff. Because this is the engine that runs the show. It fuels my  mind and my  body so thatI can stay in the game.”


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