Jacque Fresco on a Resource Based Economy

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  Meet Jacque Fresco. He is a futurist, inventor, social engineer, visionary and technician, best known for the Venus Project.

“I am going to say some things that bother you, but please be patient, I am not your enemy”

In his Future By Design documentary about Fresco’s life and ideas,  Emmy winning filmmaker William Gazecki called the 97-year-old Jacque “a modern day Da Vinci.” Others have called him “a new Buckminster Fuller.” He covers variety of interesting topics such as: how he sees himself; scarcity and money as the root of all evil; the Venus Project; the need for unambiguous language; why he claims that most people are “unsane”; whether philosophers are bullshitters; the clash of civilizations and the nation state; education and the scientific method; the modern culture of bread and spectacles; resource based economy; Ray Kurzweil, artificial intelligence and the technological singularity; the Zeitgeist movement; Ayn Rand and objectivism; death and cryonics.

So why should we take notice?

  • He hopes for a resource based economy
  • He hopes for an education system that promotes thinking, wisdom and transcendence
  • He hopes for values that promote a sustainable society
  • He hopes to reduce war and poverty with a values based society.
  • We are not born with hatred or greed, it is created by the society we are born into.
  • We better take of the environment
  • We better take care of each other
  • He hopes to address the underlying cause
  • An ethical based government with the best interest of the people
  • Intelligent management of the earths resources for our global wellbeing
  If we are going to create change for the greater good for everyone, then perhaps we need to be aware of his thoughts. A 98 year old problem solver with no other agenda than to help create a better world for everyone. He explores the facts that show how most of who we are is predetermined by the society and world we have been born into. He just wants you to hear him out, plant a seed of positive disruption and let your open mind decide what we do next. What are your thoughts on his views? PRO’s and CON’s welcome.

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