Interview with Tyler Tolman

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Tyler Tolman – “I greatly feel that my purpose on this planet is to help others. Help others with their health, their lifestyle and their thirst for knowledge.” Listen in as Rory discusses the remarkable healing powers that we all have with Tyler Tolman, holistic nutritionist.

[00:50] – A look into how Tyler Tolman’s upbringing has lead him to the path of holistic healing centres.

[02:05] – How Tyler lived parallel lifestyle from the ‘traditional American lifestyle’ living with his mother, then living a healthy and holistic lifestyle with his father, Don Tolman, on his organic farm where they ‘lived off the land’.

[05:20] – Tyler established his passion through his father’s work. He had seen first-hand people who were chronically ill start to heal.

[11:10] – What drives Tyler  has shifted over the years. It used to be sharing and teaching on stage, but now it’s the success in the results of people with more chronic conditions.

[12:19] – Tyler’s direction now is how can we prove that any disease, if the person has the right mindset and is willing to do whatever it takes, can be reversed.

[17:30] – There is a high demand and a need for Tyler to focus on healing people with cancer as one in two people are diagnosed. Cancer is such a polarizing experience and there is a stigma that there is only one way to fix cancer, through the medical route (chemotherapy, radiation etc.).

[18:00] – Tyler challenges this notion that the medical route is the only way, he admits that with very advanced and radical cancers this option is positive. However 90% of people diagnosed with cancer are generally healthy. They appear healthy, have mental clarity, they can still walk and run  and, in these cases  this is when individuals have the energy and the vitality they can make a shift.

[24:15] – Heart disease is completely reversible. Tyler talks about how fasting can reverse heart disease and the limitations of heart disease medication.

[29:45] – For self-care Tyler suggests to look at intermittent fasting, drink more fluids, go for a walk and only eat if you’re really hungry.

[36:05] – The poignant message and feedback Tyler gives is to go on a fast. Going on a fast allows things to come up and come out. “When we go without there is so much more gratitude”.

Last words from Tyler Tolman

Transform – feel the difference. Once you’ve taken action and experienced a transformation for yourself you’ll see things with new eyes

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