Health Dynamics – Rory Callaghan with Jo Formosa

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Listen in as Rory Callaghan interviews Jo Formosa, a leading Ayurvedic practitioner, acupuncturist and neuro-strategy expert as she discusses the upcoming launch of Health Dynamics.

[00:35] – The story behind Jo Formosa and how high level sport led Jo into the field of Ayurveda and health.

[06:50] – The genesis of Health Dynamics, a contemporary profiling tool that blends ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese principles to give us a deeper understanding of our personal pathway to health.

[08:05] – How being stranded after a volcano eruption in Bali created an opportunity for Jo and Roger James Hamilton to create the structure for Health Dynamics. The role of geometry in the development of Health Dynamics.

[09:35] – Jo’s vision to change the health of the world, why she can’t switch off when she’s on holiday, and what makes Oprah perfect.

[12:25] – Why understanding body types and body/mind profiles can make people understand you better when you communicate and eliminate confusion about what’s ‘good’ and ‘bad’ for you.

[14:05] – An insight into how Health Dynamics will be useful for health practitioners and how different approaches to health can complement each other.

[20:05] – The challenges of treating family members with health issues.

[22:20] – Why your daily routine is one of the best tools to improve your health. How your devices and screens are affecting your health. The 10 pm to 2 am body detox cycle and why you need to be in bed by 10 pm if you want Jo Formosa to treat you!

[24:55] – How to kickstart your digestive fire at the beginning of each day to minimise the absorption of toxins. Why running and movement is the best antidote to feeling ‘heavy’ from a big meal. The morning drink to stimulate your digestive fire, flush your digestive system and eliminate toxins. Why hot water is like an internal shower.

[28:35] – Why we need to teach our children to eat from the different colours of the rainbow and favour foods in season.

Last word from Jo Formosa

– Your food is your medicine.

Morning drink

Juice of half a lemon

1 tspn of grated ginger

1 tspn of honey

One cup of hot water

Drink this first thing in the morning to stimulate your digestive fire, flush your digestive system and eliminate toxins

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