How to be a Go-Giver with Bob Burg

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  Meet Bob Burg, International best selling author & speaker. See WHY this is truly a 10 minute interview to listen to and take notes! For those of you that may know of his work, have read it, but have not yet met the man, his heart and the mind behind the conciousness of giving as a starting point, not taking and the 5 laws of stratospheric success. What you might not know about Bob, is that he is a self proclaimed introvert that speaks can and has spoken in  front of over 15,000 people! Imagine that! He also shares his knowledge in being a Go-giver in life, business and relationships. If his teachings have impacted you in anyway, feel free to comment and show Bob some love for his great work For those of you that might be thinking, why is it easier for that person, that person always gets the best deal, opportunities always fall in their lap, why does this not happen to me? Then there is perhaps even 1 law that you might be missing. For me early days it was the law of receptivity. My mum had always given people everything, even the shirt off her back. But she would never allow people to pay that generosity back to her. What I learnt is that she was denying others the ability to feel what she feels when she is giving to others. So contemplate what one area could you personally improve?
Your sense of value and self worth? Do you let others dictate your value? or do you value yourself? Is your focus on helping and serving others or getting and making the sale? Are you always thinking, what is in it for them? or are you thinking whats in it for you? Can you be yourself unapologetically in all environments? or do you mould to your surroundings? Do you give others permission to give? or is it only a one way transaction?
    5 stratospheric laws of success   Meet Bob Burg in more Detail here. Who is Bob? ABOUT BOB! Website: BOB’s Personal Page linkedin: See BOB’s professional profile Bob is looking for more speakers to share The Go-Giver message, If you would like to apply click here Become a SPEAKER on Go-Giver principles > Become a SPEAKER on Go-Giver principles If you would like to meet more Gamechangers like Bob CLICK HERE >> GAMECHANGERS EXCLSUIVE fillyourcup interview with Bob Burg Here.  


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