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Dr. Bindiya Gandhi is an American Board Family Medicine Certified Physician who completed her Family Medicine training from Georgia Regents University/Medical College of Georgia June 2014. Her interests include integrative, holistic and functional medicine, women’s health, preventative medicine, international medicine and health care reform. She’s also a certified yoga instructor and reiki master. She practiced emergency medicine for a year. She enjoys writing and educating everyone on important health matters. She currently contributes to Mind Body Green and has her own blog at

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[02:15] – Bindiya knew early on that she wanted to study medicine. She was initially fascinated with the mind and started studying psychology and biology but soon realised it was medicine she wanted to study.

[03:53] –  Family medicine in the USA is more open to alternative and integrated medicine. Bindiya loved working with kids and the female population so she decided that family medicine was what she would pursue.

[08:30] – As a medical professional Bindiya went on her own journey struggling with adrenal fatigue, gut issues and a recurring rash. She leveraged her networks following the traditional pathways and couldn’t find a solution to that problem.

[11:40] – Bindiya’s solution to fix her issues came down to one key thing… nutrition. Then it was looking at her nutritional deficiencies and taking supplements.

[15:00] – Only 1 hour out of every 200-300 hours of studying medicine went into nutrition. Bindiya succinctly describes learning nutrition in her biochemistry class as ‘Eat less, exercise more and you’ll lose weight’.

[18:38] –  A lot of the things that we actually teach are things we need to learn ourselves.

[19:16] – Bindiya says when you can relate to patients they really feed off it and it makes the experience a little bit easier because they feel ‘human’.

[20:24] – Bindiya’s passion is her patients. She is grateful for her patients as they push her to be a better doctor for them. Bindiya says that she practices gratitude everyday. When she gets overwhelmed and stressed she reminds herself that she really is making a difference in people’s lives.

[24:21] – Some common self care tools that Bindiya prescribes to patients is a simple 4:7 breathing technique. It’s super easy and only takes a few minutes. Bindiya also prescribes meditation as a self care tool. One meditation in particular is the “Heart Centered Meditation”.

[29:27] – You don’t need a prescription to live healthy. You just have to eat well, sleep, exercise, be calm, find time for yourself and do things that you love. These are the best things you can do for your health.

Parting words from Dr Bindiya Ghandi

– ‘Invest in your health’

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