Growing up, It took a community to raise you as a child. In the modern era It also takes a community to heal the sick. Longevity hot spots around the globe have shown us that connection is the key to longevity. Connect with your free SelfCare Global tribe online. Tune in from anywhere you have wifi. Show up for yourself and show up to inspire others.


Change is an inside-out approach, where empowering education(in a fun way) Will Set You Free. The EMPOWER TM course is an 8 day DIY SelfCare course, distilling the entire SelfCare book into 8 days of empowered action from the convenience of anywhere with wifi.


Have you ever seen a person with no arm and no legs swim 50 metres down a swimming pool? What have they come to understand about igniting their own human potential, that you might be missing in your life? The IGNITE TM course is 21 days of DIY learning + Done with group mentoring to help you master your morning rituals and create your first set of sticky habits. 


The EMBODY TM 8 week course builds on the principles of LEARN – DO – EMBODY – REPEAT. The first 8 days is about DIY learning and changing the way you think and feel about your health and wellbeing, the next 21 days is about mastering your morning rituals with group mentoring so that you can win your morning and thus day. The EMBODY course is a more personalised and deep dive into finding a path to health and wellbeing that has ease and flow with added 1 on 1 calls each week with Rory Callaghan, the founder of SelfCare Global.

Yale-Griffin PRC Director David Katz, MD, eloquently shared that overall

“the general public lacks clear and consistent advice about the role of lifestyle medicine in promoting health. He says too many competing voices, capitalist-driven motives, and conflicting messages in the media have left many people confused about how best to improve their health.”

From ancient wisdom, modern science and longevity hotspots around the world will now know irrefutably that 80% of all chronic non-communicable diseases can be prevented simply by adopting a healthy lifestyle, nourished by abundant natural environments. And for those living with a communicable disease or dysfunction, the human body’s biological reserve and adaptive processes are far beyond anything we have yet come to understand, which inspires hope for us all to live a rich life, full of experience and low on regrets.

We designed this ecosystem to develop clear and simple advice and information so that every day people like you can embody this wisdom into your own self empowered human experience, igniting the human potential available in all of us.

SelfCare Ecosystem | Human & Nature | All Connected as One

Our hope is to sift through all the noise, misinformation, misdiagnoses, BS, fake news, and hidden agendas so that you can embody healthy lifestyle choices today, with a deep sense of trust to share it with the people you care about. We hope to share multiple perspectives and truth’s so that you can come to your own self-realizations in your own time, from mentors who show you where to look but never tell you what to see. We simply want to remind you that you have never needed to be fixed, simply nourished, supported, and connected on your own unique path. 

Have you ever wondered why many health professionals are not healthy? or why two old ladies down the street, both 80 years of age, have different functional abilities. Ones in a wheel chair and the other is still running marathons. To ignite your human potential & empower your human experience we to understand this; ‘to learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know.’ Consistency and nourishing lifestyle habits are the elixir we seek. However, we keep paying for silver bullets and quick fixes in the hope that a positive change may not require nourishment through SelfCare, or at least minimising harm.

Rory Callaghan teaching a seminar
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Rory Callaghan teaching a seminar
Rory Callaghan teaching a seminar
News Article featuring Rory Callaghan | Harsh Reality of $2 a Day
Rory Callaghan teaching a seminar