Interview with Chef Cynthia Louise

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Chef Cynthia Louise is a qualified whole food chef that is leading the wholefood revolution with edible plant recipes. She gained her qualification in a leading health retreat on the Gold Coast Australia and has spent more recent years in Bali refining her art through collaboration with health revolutionist Tyler Tolman.

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[00:00] – An introduction to Chef Cynthia Louise

[03:00] – What Cynthia is all about is facilitating creativity within the kitchen with really accessible and wholesome nourishing foods.

[05:00] – Cynthia accommodates those with food allergies, people who can’t process animal fats etc. Her work is really showing them that they can have delicious foods and don’t have to miss out..

[08:56] – Cynthia says that there are techniques and textures to be taught to get to the end result of a plant based diet.

[11:50] – Cynthia was raised in Papua New Guinea. Growing up in a third world country she says there was a level of true freedom and capability. She grew up around nature, hunting for food and gardening. Cynthia’s foundations were built around nature.

[12:40] – Cynthia was well known through her groups as someone who would host epic dinner parties. At 35 she decided that being a chef was her real passion and she commenced her apprenticeship.

[15:35] – Cynthia talks about her studio where her work comes to life.

[17:40] – ‘Movement is life’  Cynthia’s passion is creating and sharing what she does and as much as she can.

[19:40] – Cynthia’s tip is to take your cupboard doors off. Have your food on display and acknowledge what food is which teaches you new values. Really recognise what you’re consuming. Allow yourself to fall in love with nature

[23:50] – The more we choose nature the better off we will be.

[25:43] – ‘What sort of an old person do you want to be?’ is a question Cynthia often asks people to start implementing a healthy lifestyle.

[27:05] Get rid of all the noise from the wellness industry really step back and stand in nature and the prevention industry, as the food is accessible and as close to nature as it was intended to be.

Parting words from Chef Cynthia Louise

“Most people make a change out of desperation, move yourself to a point of inspiration.”

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