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Yale-Griffin PRC Director David Katz, MD, eloquently shared that overall

“the general public lacks clear and consistent advice about the role of lifestyle medicine in promoting health. He says too many competing voices, capitalist-driven motives, and conflicting messages in the media have left many people confused about how best to improve their health.”

From ancient wisdom, modern science and longevity hotspots around the world will now know irrefutably that 80% of all chronic non-communicable diseases can be prevented simply by adopting a healthy lifestyle, nourished by abundant natural environments. And for those living with a communicable disease or dysfunction, the human body’s biological reserve and adaptive processes are far beyond anything we have yet come to understand, which inspires hope for us all to live a rich life, full of experience and low on regrets.

In the modern era, we have a “social dilemma” where the social impact of good intentions has been hijacked by the monetization and behavioral manipulation of all people. We hope to use this solutions-based platform on a foundation of humane technology, where technology is wielded as a tool and force for good. Even inspiring you to disconnect from this “virtual reality”, enabling and empowering you to live into the richness of the reality we all share.

We designed this ecosystem to develop clear and simple advice and information so that every day people like you can embody this wisdom into your own self empowered human experience, igniting the human potential available in all of us.

SelfCare Ecosystem | Human & Nature | All Connected as One

Our hope is to sift through all the noise, misinformation, misdiagnoses, BS, fake news, and hidden agendas so that you can embody healthy lifestyle choices today, with a deep sense of trust to share it with the people you care about. We hope to share multiple perspectives and truth’s so that you can come to your own self-realizations in your own time, from mentors who show you where to look but never tell you what to see. We simply want to remind you that you have never needed to be fixed, simply nourished, supported, and connected on your own unique path. 

We will do this in a unique way. We will measure the value of the content and information we share by the positive social impact it has on the world and the solutions it provides for your life, and in the lives of the people, you care about most.


A number of great minds, from Albert Einstein to Dikran Marsupial and even Richard Freyman said a similar thing — “If you can’t explain it simply enough to a six-year-old, then the truth is that you don’t yet know it well enough yourself.” So, here’s our six-year-old version of the truth.


Our intention is to empower you on your own personal journey, merging ancient wisdom with a modern existence so that you too can be happy, healthy, connected and living towards a unified and sustainable existence for all.


Good health and well-being for all humans, at all ages, regardless of geography, race, religion or luck of birthright. It is a human right for all of us, not just for some us. We hope to be part of the solution, empowering the rising billion to move up the health spectrum, away from dis-ease and dysfunctions towards good health and even longevity by 2030. By igniting a global selfcare revolution, founded on global blue zone communities.


  • Be the change you wish to see in the world
  • Co-create global blue zone communities
  • Remind people that they don’t need to be fixed
  • Ignite our human potential and innate biological wisdom available to all of us
  • We are feeling beings that think; feel more happiness, bliss & joy
  • Connect the dots forward, merging ancient wisdom with a modern world
  • Keep it super simple
  • Be authentic, brutally honest, and vulnerable
  • Focus on WE, thriving together as one
  • Promote active empowerment, not passive care
  • Learn, do, embody, inspire & share


To ignite your human potential & empower your human experience. Through a personalized, integrated, functional and holistic approach health, happiness and connection in a unified and sustainable world whilst reducing the burden of chronic preventable disease for future generations.

My personal mission is to promote health happiness and connection in a unified and sustainable world. Selfcare is about empowering each of us (me included) to look after ourselves so that others may never need to. It is a human, nature and spiritual approach that unlocks our human potential and empowers each of us to optimise our human experience

in our own unique way. Having an impact and creating an intergenerational ripple effect of positive change is a natural outcome when we each learn to fill our own cup daily, learning to serve from overflow. The future is abundant. There is enough for all of us. Let’s learn to thrive together as one, sharing and circulating life’s abundance so that we create a world that is a win for all.

— Rory Callaghan

Rory Callaghan


Rory Callaghan grew up with a desire to help others but soon found himself as a health professional without his health.

He decided to create #SelfCare as a platform to firstly help people help themselves, then impact and empower them to help those they care about most. Together we can help people wake up, raise consciousness, and create a world that is sustainable, where people work towards being Happy, Healthy, and Connected. His war is on the perception of separation we have been conditioned to see in ourselves, with others, and the world we live in. It is all one in the same.

Rory Callaghan teaching a seminar
Rory Callaghan teaching a seminar
Rory Callaghan teaching a seminar
Rory Callaghan teaching a seminar
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Rory Callaghan teaching a seminar