Our Purpose

To create an adaptable, integrated and personalised platform for holistic health and wellness so that we reduce the chronic burden of preventable disease.


Our Guiding Philosophy


We would like to see a person centred approach to health and wellness that promotes empowerment and active self-management through education and informed choice. We will pride ourselves on being based on the best available evidence, while modelling the strategies getting the best outcomes for the individuals we are serving. We believe health is a human right and tools for change should be readily available and easy implemented. We would like to create a global health movement and a ripple effect that will reach or influence 1 in 7 people in a positive way.

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Our Values

– Chase Happiness ecology legacy

– Connect the Dots.

– Keep it super simple

– Be Authentic, Brutally Honest and Vulnerable

– Focus on WE not ME

– Promote Active Care, Not Passive Care

– Be Evidence Based, Outcomes Foccused

– Make mindful decisions

About The Founder: Rory Callaghan

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Rory Callaghan grew up with a desire to help others, but soon found himself as a health professional without his health.

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He decided to create #fillyourcup as a platform to firstly help people help themselves, then impact and empower them to help those they care about most. Together we can help people wake up, raise consciousness and create a world that is sustainable, where people work towards being Happy, Healthy and Connected. His war is on the perception of separation we have been conditioned to see in ourselves, with others and the world we live in. It is all one in the same.

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