9 Trends and Advances in Technology and Science for 2017

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What Are The Top Trends and Advances in Technology and Science for 2017?


“The best way to become a billionaire is to help a billion people.” Peter Diamandis

It can be said that each new year is defined mostly by trends and advances in technology and science. In 1973, the first mobile phone call was made. Forty-three years later, the idea of leaving home without some sort of mobile device seems strange to anyone. In fact, most of us feel “incomplete” if we are caught without one whether at home or while out and about.


advances in technology


Providing physio to football players at Fremantle meant that I was constantly using technology to treat injuries and keep them fit. And this trend spans across many industries and professions to this day. It wasn’t that long ago when we thought that having a phone in your car was only for the elite or that flying cars were something only seen in sci-fi movies or cartoons on TV. In this article, we’ll take a look at how possible it is for once “out of reach” ideas to become a part of our daily lives.


Here are the top trends and advances in technology and science for 2017:


1) Worldwide 1 terabit per second internet

The internet has completely ripped up the rule book on the way that we share information and has made the world a whole lot smaller. Events like the Arab Spring, where people rose up for democratic change, are because of the advances in social media. A US-based satellite company called ViaSat is going to launch three satellites to provide worldwide 1 terabit per second internet. The launch is going to happen in early 2017 with the help of Boeing. That’ll put an end to those laggy Skype calls!


2) Stem cells to end paralysis

Allowing people to move again after they have been paralysed might sound like science fiction, but doctors at the USC Neuro-Restoration Center managed to do this for a paralysed man this year. They injected stem cells into the 21-year-old’s spine. He was able to move his arms three months later, which gives hope to people who are paralysed all around the world.


3) Flying cars

Sitting in busy traffic is an absolute nightmare, and it’s only getting worse in major cities all across the world. But what if some of our cars could use the sky instead of roads as their highway? Flying cars are going to be tested by the end of 2017, thanks to Airbus. In fact, on the day I’m finalizing this post, Lilium Aviation announced that the world’s first electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) jet has completed its test flight. Of course, it’s still years in the works from being finalized, but we’re much closer to having flying cars than we ever were before.


4) The end of cancer

Millions of people around the world are cured of cancer thanks to advances in technology. 2017 could see the end of cancer thanks to vaccines and recombinant proteins. Currently, there are over 30 vaccines under development designed to target specific cancers.


5) Extending human life

Humans are living longer and longer. Anti-aging drugs are being tested in trials this year that could potentially increase someone’s life to 120. The drugs target the specific genes that promote aging and show signs of being able to reverse conditions such as age-related eyesight and metabolism deteriorations.

advances in technology


6) Autonomous vehicles

Self-driving cars and buses used to be only in sci-fi movies. In 2017, they are being tested in several cities around the world. Technical faults and crashes have been reported, but the technology is improving all of the time.


7) Robots doing more jobs

Robots are increasingly being used to do jobs better than humans can. Factory workers and taxi drivers could increasingly find themselves out of work in 2017, but the possibilities for artificial intelligence are mind-bending. Robots are already being used for medical procedures, and it’s a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular across the industry.


8) Space exploration

We are always looking to go further into space. NASA plans to launch a TESS satellite into orbit this year. It will be a two-year mission where it will perform its survey of the galaxy while having an unobstructed view of the entire celestial sphere.


9) Commercial space travel

Space used to be the astronaut’s playground. But now, NASA wants to have commercial crew vehicles ready for 2018 so that people like you and me can have the opportunity to be introduced to space.


advances in technology


What do you think about the latest advances in technology and science for 2017? Do any of them surprise you? It almost makes you wonder what trends we’ll be talking about in the next 5, 10, or 20 years, doesn’t it? How will these current trends impact what you care about most? Head over to the Fill Your Cup Facebook page and let us know your thoughts



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advances in technology


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