8 Core VALUES of #Fillyourcup

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8 CORE VALUES of #Fillyourcup

1) Happiness

Putting everything aside, we are on this earth to have fun, connect, smile, laugh and help others do the same. It is not to say that we must always be happy, life throws curve balls and the times of Philosophers such as Aristotle, Hegel, Marx and more recently The Dalai Lama and Dr John Demartini discuss the nature of being and the art of happiness. If your are spiritual you will look into teleology or the study of our pu rpose, If you are analytical and mathematical based you will look at things in terms of -1, 0, +1. If you follow Albert Einstein you will understand that we are all energy and that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Happiness is a towards motivation, something that we should work towards being as often as we can.  It is our highest energetic state and raises the energy of those around us.


The Art of Happiness: Smile, laugh, be playful

2) Health – Holistic.

Health is more than medication, diagnoses and dis-ease. Healing and health is more about connection and active self empowerment than it is about passive care. At #fillyourcup we promote the holistic person centered approach to health, happiness and connection. Empowerment through connection, collaboration and informed choice. We understand that health in it’s holistic sense starts with things we cannot control.

  • Our environment of birth right and our genetic blueprint we were handed down by our parents. These factors pre determine many factors beyond our control.

There are factors that we can control.

  • Mindset: Thoughts, beliefs, actions, behaviours
  • Nutrition or food: Slowest form of poison or best form of medicine
  • Physical body or our avatar: Motion is lotion
  • Choices for Work and lifestyle integration:
  • Our sense of Spirituality: Purpose, beliefs, love, religion
  • Our Environment that we choose to live in and our ability thrive or survive in it.
  • Lastly our Connections we make with those around us for support, growth, guidance, legacy and contribution make us happy and healthy.

Could the meaning of life be as simple as... to survive and thrive with as many people as you can, for as long as you can.

health in a world

Holistic Health & Wellness is Multidimensional

3) Connection

Charles Eisenstein describes why we are the way we are in 2014. Disconnected from ourselves, the people around us and the world we live in. People are pretending to be asleep, distracted and unaware. Connection is the one trait that allowed us to evolve and adapt as a species. It allowed us to survive and thrive. We have lost this. Our aim is to help people connect with themselves (fill their own cup first) and then connect with the people and organisms (anything living) around them and more importantly the environment (organic and inorganic) and world we live in.  We need to reconnect with the things that sustain us.

4) Collaboration

We promote collaboration over competition. We are all working towards the same thing in the end, so why not share ideas, share resources, serve, work together and create a better world.

5) Contribution

As our birth right is pre-determined (unless you believe in re-incarnation) and the world is not utopian. 2% of the worlds population controls 98% of the worlds resources. We believe it is an obligation to use the opportunities we are fortunate enough to have in order to create opportunities for those less fortunate. Global ecology. Imagine if we could all impact ourselves, our family, our friends, our community, our environment and the world we live in positively? Fill your own cup first and I challenge you to then fill as many cups as you can over your lifetime.

contribution and service

Contribution & Service

6) Service

We are born to serve and help each other. We are born to connect. Service underpins everything we do at #fillyourcup. It is about open source information, empowerment, community and creating a space where people can interact and engage to find solutions to their problems. Health, Happiness or Connection. Serve each other with no expectation of receiving anything in return. Give and forget.

7) Ecology

We promote a connection between us and the environment that sustains us (local, global and world). It is about a symbiotic relationship, both organisms work together to survive and thrive. At the moment we have an abiotic relationship, we are a parasite stopping the world from sustaining us. Just look around you. Ancient and indigenous civilisations have something important we should listen to. Connection with “mother earth”is not just a throw away “hippie” comment. There is a reason indigenous civilisations have lasted over 40,000 years.

8) Sustainability

We are unsustainable as a race right now. Our population has exponentially increased from 4-8 billion people in the last 70 years.  The world is believed to be 4-5 billion years old in a galaxy that is expanding (fact) and in 70 years we have done more irreversible damage than in any other period of human history. We have completely changed the landscape of our environment with the industrial revolution (look at China, look at the amazon forrest, Great barrier reef), we have actively wiped out more species than we can measure or comprehend. We need to find ecology and then sustain that existence, otherwise the moon or mars may be our best option.

Sorry to break this to you, if it is a new perspective. But, this is not about me or you, we need to wake up and be conscious of this so we can make better choices for the future, for our children and for our legacy.


Ecology, Sustainability, Connection

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