30 lessons from Les Brown

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What is your dream, your purpose?

1) Your heart will tell you can do it

2) Your mind will ask HOW? WHY?

3) Live full, Die Empty

4) Someones opinion of you, does not need to become your reality

5) You have something special, do not allow your circumstances to determine who you are

6) Fail your way to success

7) Get out of your head and step into your own greatness

8) Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars

9) Be ashamed to die before you have a social contribution

10) This person I know now, I had no idea he/she existed.

11) Hold your head up! life will catch you on the blindside

12) What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger

13) Be HUNGRY! be a “no matter what” person

14) Invest in yourself!

15) Read 10-15 pages of something positive every day

16) Success leaves clues

17) Your never too old to learn and never to young to teach

18) Develop your mind, learn to be an effective communicator

19) Surround yourself with OQP “Only Quality People”

20) Make No your vitamin, people will say NO 7x before they say yes.

21) Provide more service than you receive value for

22) Impact drives financial freedom

23) I expect to reach my goal, lead with an expectation

24) Be prepared to succeed

25) You are what you think about the most.

26) Get up off the canvas of life.

27) Be willing to do today, what others wont do.

28) You have greatness within you

29) Speak from your heart, not from your head

30) You can do more now, than what you have been experiencing so far!


Use this to change the story you tell yourself, about yourself.


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